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Custom Made Remy Hair

Here are some helpful advice on deciding on which texture, color, grams, or set to choose from before buying your extensions! Read below!

 Custom Made Extensions

 If you don't mind waiting a few weeks for our fabulous custom made Remy & Virgin hair extensions, we can make them any way you desire! We offer the highest grams on the market per set! However,  they do take a little bit more time to make for you. If you need your custom made hair extensions in 2 weeks, we can provide that for you too! Rush orders are available to ensure that your custom made hair is delivered fast to you as well. It is important to order them at least 2-3 weeks before an important event! 

Standard Hair, Premium or VIP Hair?

Our Standard Grade A Remy are good quality hair. Our Virgin will last a bit longer than our Standard and Premium Remy hair because it is unprocessed. Our VIP Hair is the highest quality (Grade A+) and we offer lots of different high quality textures and even virgin hair! If you are wanting the highest quality possible and want your hair to last the longest, then we highly recommend that you choose from our VIP hair. Of course, it does come at a heavier price, but the investment is sure worth the beautiful locks you can wear, and will last much longer!

                                                                      Single Wefts or Full Head Sets?

We offer full head sets from 160-400 grams. Our Single Wefts are available from 100-150 grams. Generally full head sets are "ready to wear". We can customize each set and weft just the way you want. Single wefts are for those who plan on getting them sewn,  or permanently bonded into their hair. Our Single wefts also have a few finishing services such as hand tied, I-tip, U-Tip, and even a set of micro rings with tools as well. 

Which Texture Should You Choose?


How to Decide which Length

Many people often asks: if they are tall, will 20 or 22 inches be long enough for them? Often the answer is yes to any length that is 20 inches or longer in general. However, some think that if they are tall, that their hair won't be long enough for them. In our opinion, we have found that it is not always just your height that counts, but more like how long or short your torso is (measuring from your breast area down to the top of your hip bone). 

For example, if you are 5'8", but your torso length is short (hourglass figure), then your extensions are most likely to still be almost to your bellybutton. If your legs are longer then your torso (from chest to waist), then your extensions are most likely going to be just as long on you as it would be to someone who is 5'2" with a shorter torso. You can also measure from your ear down to 12- 30 inches to see which length you desire the most before you buy! 



 Short Lengths
 Medium Lengths Long Lengths
 Super Long Lengths
 12"-14" 16"-20" 22"-26" 28"-30"
Sometimes those who are average height of 5'4", but has shorter legs and a long torso, may find that even 20 inches is not as long as they were expecting (long, but not long enough to reach their very lower back).  In this case, if you look in the mirror and have a very long torso length that is 20 inches or longer, then it's possible your extensions may need to be longer. If your torso is shorter then 19 inches, then any length that is 20 inches or longer will surely be long enough for you.

If you're still not sure (but you would still like very long hair), it is always safer to buy a longer length of extensions just in case, since it's better to have too much then too little. You can always have them trimmed but you cannot make them grow.

How many grams should I choose?

 12-16 Inches
 18-20 Inches
 22-26 Inches
28-34 Inches

 Thin hair

160-200 Grams

 Thin Hair

160-200 Grams

 Thin hair

160-200 Grams

 Thin hair

200-260 Grams

 Med Thick hair

200-260 Grams

 Med Thick hair

200-260 Grams

 Med Thick hair

200-260 Grams

Med Thick hair 

260-300 Grams

 Very Thick hair

200-260 Grams

 Very Thick hair

260-300 Grams

 Very Thick hair

300-400 Grams

Very Thick hair

300-400 Grams


What Color To Choose?

The Wonderful thing about Hair Extensions, is that you can use them for lots of different reasons! You can create highlights and low lights, or match your own hair! Some people have trouble with their hair thinning, or loss of hair due to health matters or even cancer treatments. Some just cannot grow their hair to a certain length or it takes years to grow out long. With hair extensions you can't go wrong.

Cool Tones

If you are a "cool toned" person (often blue, or dark brown eyes with fair skin or blue undertones or pink), then the best colors for you would be any that has a dark or "Ash toned" color or cool toned color. Those who have blue vanes are also more likely to be "cool toned".

Example: Jet black is more "cooler" than Off black.  Off black would be a "warmer black". 

Example: Sunshine Blonde (#120) compared to Pale Golden Blonde (#22), would be considered a more "warmer blonde" (due to more golden/yellow undertones, whereas #22 would be a more "cooler bleach blonde".

Warm Tones

If you are a "warm toned" person (green or light brown or hazel eyes and tanned skin or yellow undertones), then any color with the word "golden" in it would be right for you. However, it depends on your makeup, and how often you tan (self tanner counts!). Warm tones are also known to have more "greenish" colored vanes.

If you're looking for any colors that are "warm", then it's best to choose any "golden" browns or "golden blonde" colors that we offer. If you are cool toned, then any basic or "ash" colors will work well. But what matters most is whatever color you feel will look great on you!


Some great color combinations for Highlight Mix's:

Natural "Subtle" Combinations (examples): (these would be for those who don't want too much contrast, but would like "subtle" color blends).

#1/#1b -these two hair colors blended would be very subtle. Because #1 and #1b are very close, the highlights would be a little noticeable.

#2b/1b-these would also not cause too much of a contrast.

 #2/4- these colors are a tad bit similar, yet very natural.

 #8/12- Light ash brown with light golden brown would be another very subtle color creation.

 #8/14- Another very light subtle blend of a cooler combination

 #6/12-A bit of a contrast, but not too much for both shades are on the warmer side, but because #6 is darker than #12, they would still create a subtle contrast.

#99/2b- Both are a very dark brown, yet #99 has dark violet/burgundy undertones, creating a nice color combination and subtle violet highlights without compromising the dark rich brown that both create.

#30/33- A very nice blend for auburn type hairs as both are the Auburn family-one is lighter than the other, creating a very subtle difference for beautiful red heads.

#35/33- A beautiful reddish combination for the true "reds" with rich pumpkin spice colors.

#18/14- Both are in the light medium blonde shade mix's creating another subtle color combo.

#28/27- These colors are in the same blonde family. #27 has a bit more of a darker strawberry tint. Both would create a subtle golden creation.

#120/22 (or #613/22)-Both are from the lightest shades of blonde that all fall in the bleach blonde category. With any of these combos your hair will have a very subtle light color contrast without being too bold.

Bold Combinations (examples) (these color combos would create a more brighter contrast as mixing lighter and darker shades together will ensure the higher color of contrast).

#1/2- Jet Black is the darkest of all shades. #2 is a more basic brown that is on the darker side, but lighter than #2b, creating a bigger contrast between the two.

#2b/4- A very rich dark brown mixed with #4 will bring out the highlights of a naturally dark hair brunette.

#2/14- For medium dark brown hair types who like cool caramel blonde highlights.

#2/27-For medium dark brown hair types who like honey blonde highlights.

#1b/27 (or #2b/27)-For naturally very dark brown hair types who like honey blonde highlights.

#4/27- For naturally medium dark brown hair types who like honey blonde highlights.

#8/613- For naturally light ash brown hair types who want bleach blonde highlights. Both would create a beachy blend.

#12/613- For those with light golden brown hair who wants bleach blonde highlights.

#12/22- For those with light golden brown hair who wants cool blonde highlights.

#6/613 (or #6/22, #6/60)- For those who have lighter chestnut brown hair who wants very light cool blonde highlights.

#6/18- For those with chestnut brown hair who wants a more lighter highlights, but not too blonde. But just enough to see a contrast.

#33/27- A very unique color combo for deep auburns who would like honey blonde highlights in the mix.

#30/27- Same as #33/27 except the auburn would be a lighter tone.

#4/14- A Nice contrast of medium brown mixed with cool Straw blonde highlights.

#27/613- A pretty blend of honey blond highlights with bleach blonde highlights.

For 3D Blends you would just add a 3rd color to the mix. Same for 3d Intense (4 colors).

Just remember, when choosing highlights (or ombre), the more closer the colors are to each other from the color chart, the more subtle your blends will be. If choosing darker and lighter shades in the mix, the more "contrast" your color blends will be.

REMEMBER: You can choose ANY colors for your combination (as long as they are listed from our color charts). It doesn't matter if you want green hair with jet black highlights, Lolli Pink Hair with Purple highlights, or blue ombre ends with Blonde at the top! Your possibilities are ENDLESS!

If you find somehow the extensions are not a 100% perfect match when you receive them, you can always have them colored by a professional stylist, or even better, have your hair colored to match the extensions (which would be much safer than coloring the extensions).

Ounces vs Grams (For those who need comparison)

3 oz of Hair =
84 Grams
4 oz of Hair =
113 Grams
5 oz of Hair =
140 Grams
6 oz of Hair =
170 Grams

 For higher amount of hair

7 oz is about 200 Grams

8 oz is about 226 Grams

9 oz is about 255 Grams

10 oz is about 283 Grams

Dont see a color from our color charts you want? Contact us and we will gladly try our best to color match you no matter what!