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Quotes I've had my set for about 7 months now and I have curled them, washed them, worn them alot you name it (except color them). I bought the VIP chinese straight set and it has lasted better than another cheap set I got from somewhere else online. These are pricey but like others say all the time: "you get what you pay for"! Trully amazing and worth the wait and investment. Don't waste your time on other brands. Buy one expensive set that will last you a long time! Quotes
Dania R
seriously amazing!

Quotes WTH?? (meaning in a GOOD way! LOL) I'm deeply saddened that this company is not as known like all the other companies on You Tube are! I find it strange (and annoying) how much other companies are getting more exposure (and almost ALL of those other companies are either scams or terrible hair! It must be because they just give a lot of sets out for free or pay those gurus to flash their hair around)! Clip fancy is at the top of my list and I am sure one day every unsatisfied customer who bought another company's hair will all flock to them soon! Terrible how the worst companies are advertised the most while the best are hidden from people like me who pay so much money just to find the best hair around! You seriously cannot find one bad review about this company anywhere online! But every single "popular" company has too many BAD reviews to count!! I repeat...WTH?? I no longer trust popular gurus on you tube! Quotes
Why is this company NOT popular??

Quotes I was a bit hesitant to order considering another similar company scammed me and I never received my order. I'm glad I did because I received it and couldn't be more happier. The hair quality is super, customer service kept me updated on my order, the tracking was on time, the color matched perfect, and the weight of the hair was perfect for me, even though I wasn't' sure if 300 grams would be too thick or not thick enough. The only thing I regret was I wished I had paid for fast international shipping since that takes much longer than expected. But once I did I was very satisfied. I wear these extensions every day and they have held up very well. I feel very confident investing into this company. Such a hidden gem! Quotes
Expensive but worth every penny

Quotes Simply the best!! Even more nicer than the hair I used to get installed in the salons!! Their virgin hair is REALLY good quality! Planning my next order! Quotes
The Best!

Quotes Thank you/ I really lov the hair! Long and thick and I wear everyday. I like color 99 it beautiful. Quotes

Quotes Great customer service! Every email was answered in a timely order. My extensions came no later than 3.5 weeks because I didn't choose the Rush option, but that is reasonable since they are custom. I'm very happy with my purchase. A new loyal customer. Quotes

Quotes I was so excited to get my extensions in the mail today! I swear, I checked my mailbox 3 times but the first two times I checked, there was nothing in there. Then I was excited when I saw it the 3rd time. I quickly opened the box and saw that it came with a hair net tightly wrapped around the extensions, a clip and instructions. I also liked the cute white box it came in. When I felt the weight of the extensions, it was really heavy! But I marveled at how beautiful and soft they were, unlike the other hair extensions. The scent of these extensions are very sweet as well. I thank Raelene for being patient with me and answering all the questions I had with the extensions before purchase. She made sure that my hair color matched the colors of the highlights in my extensions. I love them a lot and will be wearing them often =). Quotes
Sophia Ng
Loving my hair extensions

Quotes I am a customer who is very faithful to this company because I now own four sets. FOUR. My first set I bought last July. My second set I bought in October. My third in Febuary and my fourth just a month ago. I have a standard set, v.i.p set, euro set, and a virgin set (I am a hair extension fanatic as you can see). All of them has not let me down yet and I love being able to wear different textures they offer. The virgin hair is the best because I was able to color it two times and the hair is still silky and soft. I plan to use her hair for my clients and pleased to do business with this company. Now all I need is some volumizer sets. ;) Thank you Raelene! Quotes
5 Stars

Quotes Thank you Clip fancy extensions! I got the ombre color blend. They came out so pretty!!! The color matches mine pefectly!!! Next time I will want your 300 grams set! I gotta silky straight Indian with ombre (#1b with 30 at bottom). Very long and very thick! Dont waste any money with these they are worth every penny! Everyone should buy a clip fancy set or you are missing out! Thank you also for the business cards, I have already gave out them all to my co workers! Quotes
I love my hair! Thank you!

Quotes I had bought the European Remy set in 260 grams 20 inces about three weeks ago (color 4) and I am completely floored on how the quality of this hair is. It took about three weeks but very much worth the wait considering they custom make and hand make these extensions themselves. I wanted to wait before writing this to see how the hair responds after washing and styling them. They are absolutely stunning and fabulous, but very expensive. But you do get what you pay for (as I read on here that european hair does cost a lot more considering it is rare, or something like that). I did get the medium clips as I thought my hair was super thick but realized small would've been better, but noneoftheless they stay in all day long without a budge. I had a tiny bit of shedding (but stopped using my normal hair brush and now only uses a wide comb and only when dry). The sewing is nice, a bit thick, but I've never in my life have seen wefts sewn this thick before! CS is A+ Quotes
WOW (and satisfied buyer)