Clip Fancy Hair Extensions

Custom Made Remy Hair

Clip Fancy Hair Extensions- Extra Customizing

Customizing your extensions are a great way to ensure that the colors you choose will be the best match for you! With so many options, you have a wide range of colors to choose from and how you would like them for your hair.

  • 1 Solid Color 
  • 2 Colors For Highlight Mix
  • 3D Blend (3 Colors For Highlight Mix)
  • 3D Palette (4 Colors For Highlight Mix)
  • Salt And Pepper Coloring (Gray Hair Effect)
  • Ombre 2 Tone (any 2 colors)
  • Back to Back (and 2 colors for "peek-a-boo" definition)
  • NEW! Silver Icing Custom color (for highlights, Ombre or solid colors!)

Clip Fancy Hair Extensions

One Solid Color

Choosing 1 Color is best for those who only want their extensions to be one entire color for their hair. For this option, it is important to make sure the color you choose matches as close as possible to the hair color of your current locks!

Clip Fancy Hair Extensions
Highlight Mix (2 Colors)

When choosing 2 colors for highlighting mix, the color options are endless because you can choose any two highlight colors that you want from our color charts! Highlights and low lights make a great contrast, or you can choose shades that are very similar creating a more subtle effect.

*Highlights may be thin or thick depending on how many colors you choose
Clip Fancy Hair Extensions
3D Blend

Want more contrast? Our 3D Blend is similar to our Highlight Mix, except you are adding a 3rd color to the mix! When choosing 3 colors, it is always important to choose at least 1 shade out of the three that is the lightest. For more of a subtle blend, just choose 3 different shades that are only 1-2 shades lighter. For a more bold contrast, choose 1 dark shade, and 1 medium shade, and 1 shade that is 3 shades lighter.

*3D Blend may only be available for Premium & VIP hair and may not be available for certain items
*Highlights may be thin or thick depending on how many colors you choose
Clip Fancy Hair Extensions
3D Palette

Just like our 3D Blend highlight mix, we offer 4 colors for even more contrast! Some find that their hair has more than 3 colors in it. With this option you cannot go wrong! Choose up to any 4 colors for beautiful contrast! Endless dimensional hair streaks!

*3D Palette is only available for Premium & VIP hair but may not be available for certain items

Silver Hair Clip Fancy Hair Extensions

NEW! Silver Icing Customizing

With a new trend on the rise, we have added this beautiful frost color to our extra customizing except with more options!

Not only can you choose this beautiful silver color as a solid color or an added color in any highlight mix that we offer, you can also choose this for Ombre Two Tone (top OR bottom), or add extra silver to ANY of our colors from our color chart! That's right! If you want blue hair with silver added to make it a frost blue you can! If you want to add silver to our Red color or even any brown or blonde color, you can certainly do that too! 

And here's the kicker: not only can you choose silver as an added shade enhancer , you can choose the percentage of silver and other color of your choice. For example: You can choose 60% Blue and 40% Silver, or 80% silver and 20% Blue, or 10% silver and 90% Blue (same with ANY color)! The possibilities are endless!

*You can choose any percentage such as 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% , 50%, etc when choosing as a shade enhancer. For highlights, please consider as a solid color along with whichever other colors of your choice.

Salt And Pepper Coloring

NEW extra customizing for your extensions. This lovely color is a blend of natural off black with carefully lightened strands of silver white.

This beautiful effect of a natural gray all over color are perfect for those who love to keep their natural gray shining through, and still have long luxurious locks!

You can choose your percentage of color #1b and silver strands when filling out the customizing menu bar!

*Salt and Pepper Coloring may be only available for certain items

With this popular trend on the rise, you can have your extensions Ombre'd

with ANY 2 colors. Choose from light to dark or dark to light! Want Red at the top and purple at the bottom? We can do that for you! Would you like the top to go down to a certain amount of inches and the rest a different color? We can do that as well!Your possibilities are endless!
With Ombre you can choose any two colors from the color chart. For those who are wanting to match their natural hair or root (top) area of their head to the extensions, it is important that you try and match the top part of the extension color to your current hair color.

*Our Ombre may or may not have a gradual fade and may be more like a "dip dye"
Clip Fancy Hair Extensions
Back To Back

Our Back to Back custom option is great for those who want their color to be similar to highlights, except more of an "Over lapping" of contrast. This look creates that "underneath" hair color that results in those famous "peek-a-boo" highlights. You may have seen others who have their hair 1 color all over, but has a different or darker hair color "underneath" their hair! This gives the same results! Choose any solid color on the inside and outside of each weft for your clip in extensions!
 It is important to know that the color of each weft that is on the "outside" will be a little bit more visible than the "inside" color.

*Back to Back customizing is not available for Single wefts, Bulk Hair, Standard Sets, wigs, Volumizer Wefts, Ponytails,  or Pro Extensions.

Clip Fancy Hair Extensions
Single Weft Custom Service

With our Single Wefts, you can request extra finishing services such as Hand Tied. We also offer Bulk Hair Bundles that are unwefted and unsewn.

*Some colors may be very close or almost identical such as color/combinations : #1b and #2b, #4 and #30, #6 and #12, #24, and #22, and #18 and #14. When choosing these colors for any ombre or highlight combinations, it may appear to look like 1 color even though it is not. This is very important when considering contrasting combinations, but would be beneficial for those who are seeking very "subtle" and natural contrasting between colors.