Clip Fancy Hair Extensions

Custom Made Remy Hair

 What is Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy Extensions are the highest grade when it comes to choosing hair extensions. Remy hair is hair collected from a donor and all cuticles are bundled safely to create that the hair is laying in the same direction.

What does "Grams" mean?

"Grams", or "hair grams" means the "weight of the hair". For example, the smaller amount of grams, the thinner the hair is. The more the grams, the thicker the hair is. The grams never affect the length or color, just determinds the thickness and fullness of the hair is. Sometimes people are looking for length, not thickness. If you are someone who is only looking for length, then a thinner set of grams may be good for you. However, if you are looking for more volume and thickness, then you may want to purchase a set with higher grams. Another example: 300 grams is much more thick then 160 grams, and vice versa.

What is the difference between Remy and Virgin Hair?

Remy hair is human hair (from any origin/texture) that is bundled together after receiving from the hair donor, but carefully laying in the same direction (cuticles that are facing the same direction). It is  hair that has been donated, then processed (colored, lightened or bleached, or textured with a hair pattern or curl), but still bundled and handled carefully to ensure no tangeling or matting. Anytime hair is processed (colored, lightened, texture processing), it is Remy. 

Virgin hair is human hair that is collected from a hair donor (from any origin/texture), and it is completely unprocessed, and uncolored. Basically it is hair that has been left "as is" in its healthy and natural state, although it does go through a sanitary process. The hair is still bundled carefully so all cuticles are laying in the same direction. Virgin hair is highly valuable more then normal Remy hair, because it will last much longer, due to the lifespan has not been cut short due to no processing whatsoever. Virgin hair does come in less color options, but can still be colored and lightened. Virgin hair also comes in many natural textures. Because virgin hair is unprocessed, please note that each hair will vary slightly from bundle to bundle.

What's the difference between our Standard, Premium, and VIP  Hair ?


Our Standard Remy are quality Grade AA Remy that we offer in Indian hair. 

Premium: Our Premium hair is Grade AAA Remy that we offer in textures; Chinese, Indian, and Mongolian. Chinese is a bit more stronger and thick in diameter, and Indian is more finer and thinner per strand. Mongolian is similar to Indian but is finer than Indian making it the closest type to European hair. Our Premium Virgin is available in Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, and Peruvian.


Our "VIP" Remy & Virgin Cutcile Hair is the highest standard grade in the hair industry. We use Grade 5A, 6A and 7A with many different textures, and double drawn with our Virgin textures. We also now offer processed textures for our VIP Virgin hair in a few hair types.

What is the difference between your Premium Virgin and VIP Virgin?

All hair (Remy AND Virgin) come from all different grades around the world. The Grade all depends on the hair's healthy state during the collecting/donating process. Because human hair comes from real people and all around the world, some people may have had healthier hair than others. The grades of hair can also be depended on the age of the initial donor. Sometimes hair grades are considered higher if the younger the donor, and lower grade if the donor is older in age (due to older hair can become more coarse overtime),and if the previous donor had treated their hair with care beforehand before donating their hair.

Our VIP Virgin hair is the quality grade. Our Premium Virgin is  Grade AAA. Although our Premium Virgin is slightly less of a grade than our VIP Virgin Hair, it still has its luster virgin quality.

*Please note that no hair in the world is 100% "perfect". There are much higher quality hair grades, but we all must acknowledge that all human hair comes from humans around the world, therefore the hair has "already been used" to a certain degree. Most donors who donate lengths in 20 inches or longer has taken great time growing their hair out for selling or for religious reasons. As some higher grades are determined on the healthiness and youthfulness (why a younger donor's hair is much more valuable because there was less environmental damage).

What is the difference between Single and Double Drawn hair?

Single Drawn Hair is when the hair is the same length from top to bottom, but there are shorter lengths in between.  Single drawn is not cut from 1 single donor, but "multi donors", or that the donor had shorter hairs in between (like light natural layers). In some other cases, Single Drawn is also when the hair is cut from a single ponytail where the first 3-4 inches of the shortest hair are sorted out. Some people who notice "shorter hairs" throughout the wefts might assume this is hair that is "broken off." This is not the case. The shorter hairs are just different lengths unlike double drawn hair that is all the same length. If any hair extension you receive has shorter hairs throughout, this means they are single drawn. Single drawn hair may cause more thinning at the ends.

Double Drawn hair is when 80% or more of each bundle is all the same length from top to bottom (although you may still notice some slight shorter hairs throughout).

Usually this is because the hair is:

1. Coming from 1 single donor, or that the donor had most of their hair 1 full length of the time it was donated (which is another reason why double drawn hair is much more expensive, because it can be harder to find vs hair venders who collect strands from bundles of piles of hair from multi-donors ). 

2. Each bundle of  hair was developed using a "strand by strand" pulling method where highly skilled hair technicians go through each multi donor  aligned hair piles carefully; choosing only the longest strands, while eliminating most of the shorter hairs. This method is more time consuming, making it another reason why virgin hair costs a lot more.

Double drawn hair that is also very high quality is hard to find, and usually much more expensive. Do not be fooled when some hair companies claim to sell double drawn at a "very low price". Most of the time, they can be mixed with synthetic fiber full length pieces, or lower grade non remy pieces that are not aligned correctly to create the illusion of double drawn hair. Most double drawn hair can only be found with pure virgin hair human hair that is coming from 1 single donor , or sorted carefully to eliminate any shorter lengths which takes more time and effort (which is why it is highly more valuable). 

Are all your sets made with Double or Single Drawn hair?

It will depend on the item. Some are offered with Double drawn. Most of our Premium and VIP hair is offered with double drawn.

What is Cuticle Hair?

Non cuticle remy is hair that has been stripped and prepped for color dye. Usually non cuticle remy are pure virgin hairs taken from multi donors from hair piles, and used in an acid bath to prepare the hair for coloring. With this the outer layer cuticles are stripped to give them a more silky feel. Some cuticles may be left in the hair, but usually 50% or less of the cuticles have been left on the strands. This does not affect the quality of hair, however cuticle hair is higher quality being that cuticle hair (like virgin hair) protects the hair from heat, coloring, and sunlight and is longer lasting. Cuticle hair is more expensive because each bundle is processed using a "strand by strand" pulling method from higher grade human hair (like virgin), and why our VIP Remy hair costs more than our Standard and Premium Remy. You may notice that non cuticle hair is somewhat more "shiny" or feel more "silky" than cuticle or virgin hair, although cuticle hair is more natural and will blend more nicely with your own hair.

Is all of your sets made with Remy Human hair?

Every hair item we offer is made with human hair only.

Our Human Hair Lashes are also human hair.

Are Each Weft Single or Double Wefted?

Unlike most brands that are usually single wefted, we make your extensions double, or triple wefted. Our Quad wefts are Quad wefted!

<Picture Sample

How Do I Know If My Extensions Will Be Double or Triple Wefted?

That depends on how many grams and how many wefts you are requesting for your set.

The more grams and less wefts, the more thicker each weft we will make.The thinner the grams or more wefts you request, the thinner each weft will be.

For example; if someone purchases 200 grams in 22 inches, but wants more wefts than our Standard Set, each weft may be double or single. But if someone orders the same grams and length but wants fewer wefts than our Standard Set, each weft may be a bit thicker.

If someone orders 360 grams but wants fewer wefts than the Standard Set, each weft will surely be triple or even quad wefted.

To sum it up, the more grams and less wefts, the thicker each piece will be. The less grams and more wefts, the thinner each piece will be.

What is "Custom Made Hair?"

Anything "Custom Made" is when it's specifically made for an individual for their own personal preference. Most hair extensions are already pre-made by manufacturers in hair factories. Hundreds of thousands of hair extensions are being made everyday for hair extension companies and beauty supply shops around the world!

However, what makes us unique is that we make the hair extensions ourselves! We do receive the unmade hair in bulk from different hair suppliers around the world, but we do not have the factories make the sets for us beforehand (except to a few items we sell in our store such as the Ponytails, Fringe Bangs,  and Lace Wigs -these items are still custom made to order).

We let YOU decide how long, how thick, which colors, which customizing, and what size clips you would like for your extensions. ENDLESS possibilities!

The purpose of offering custom made hair, is that you can have your extensions made the way YOU want, instead of having to decide between only 1 length or only a few colors. By mixing and matching the extensions by request is a wonderful way to for us to serve you excellent service (just like you would when ordering from a 5 star restaurant)! 

NOTE: If you would like only single wefts or extra single wefts for your extensions, please email us beforehand before placing your order. We can do that for you too!


What is the difference between Single Wefts and Clip in Sets?

Our Clip in sets are full head sets that are sectioned with clips attached to each weft in different sizes.

Our Single Wefts are made with machines or hand tied (by choice per customer) but are not sectioned into individual wefts with clips attached to them. They are all one long piece ranging in a wide width length up to 60 inches.

How Many Grams & Lengths Do The Single Wefts Come In?

Our Single Wefts are available in inches ranging from 12-30 inches.

Our Premium Remy Single Wefts are available in 100 grams, 120 grams,150 grams and 200 grams.

Our Premium Virgin Single Wefts are available in 80-100 grams.

Our VIP Remy, VIP Virgin, and European Remy & Virgin Wefts are available in 100 grams.

Do You Offer Color Customizing To Your Single Wefts?

Yes we do! We offer the same color custom services that we provide for our Clip in Sets!

*Our Virgin Hair comes unprocessed and uncolored except certain VIP Virgin hair that is processed with a texture only.

Will One Weft Be Enough For a Full Set of Hair?

It depends. 100 grams is usually the standard for some, while others may want fuller, thicker hair. If you feel your hair might be too thin with just one weft, you may add another weft to your cart during checkout. If for example, you usually wear extensions in 160 grams or more, then you would most likely need at least 200 grams to have the same amount of fullness, which means you would need to purchase two 100 gram wefts. For 300 grams, you would need three 100 gram wefts or two 150 gram wefts.

If ordering from our Standard Remy Wefts, you can also order a thicker weft such as 120 or 150 grams.

What Is The Difference Between Micro Links, I-Tip, U-Tip, and Tape Hair?

Micro Links- You insert your real hair into each small loop/ring while using the pliers to compress the links tightly with the extensions. While this does take a lot of time, it is best to let a professional stylist do the job for you!

I-Tip- I-Tipped Extensions are applied by using a tool, such as a hook or loop, and pulls the hair through a very small micro ring. The I-tip extension is then inserted into the micro ring which is then held and  compressed with the pliers. As before, always let a professional do the job for you.

U-Tip-The U-Tipped are applied with heat like a heat iron. It is always best to use Karatin dipped. It attaches using hair connectors that melts the keratin bond, which then bonds together the strand to your hair.

Tape Hair- A tape system in where the person applies the weft to their scalp for even secure, and temporary placement. The first thing you would do is part your hair into different sections (you can also cut each part of the weft into different sections). You would make sure to only part the areas of your hair where you would want the Skin weft to be. It is double sided for one part to tape securely to your skin. The other side is for the extension to be put on top of it.  This method is also advised for a professional to help you with this.

What's The Difference Between Machine and Hand Tied Wefts?

Machine wefts are bundles of hair that is carefully aligned, and sewn into one full long width weft using a machine. Hand Tied Wefts are sewn only by hand.

Hand Tied wefts are much more natural because the top of each weft is perfectly spaced (not too much), but just enough to create the most natural and undetectable blending. Machine wefts can be sewn in as well. However, hand tied wefts are more "flat" when sewing in each track which creates a more discreet application.

*Hand tied Servicing will take longer, so the production time will be added several extra days before your wefts are ready.

  1. Where Can I Find What Colors May Match My Hair?

    You can find the color charts on our page "Color Chart".

  1. What Is The Color Match Help Upload Button For?

    We included an upload button for your convenience if you are still unsure about which color to choose during checkout. This button is for you to either email us a picture of your own hair, or a color example from a celebrity's hair that you may want your extensions to match. This is "optional" but very helpful if you are still unsure about which color(s) to choose during checkout.

  1. How Can I Send You a Picture of My Hair Color For Color Matching? 

  2. You can email us directly and send us a few pictures so we can assist you as much as possible before purchasing your extensions.

  3. How Do I Know Which Hair Texture Will Match Mine?

    We have a whole separate page on our website that has a detailed description of each and every hair texture that will suit you best.

    Click HERE to read about each Texture we use to make your sets.

    What Do I Do If My Hair Matches A Virgin Texture But Is Colored?

    We do not color the Virgin Hair Textures. However, if your hair is already colored, permed, highlighted, etc, you can still choose a virgin hair set. The wonderful thing about virgin hair is that is has never been processed, so you can color or lighten it much easier than the Remy Extensions.

    The only downside of virgin hair is that most of them have fewer color choices. If your hair is naturally blonde, then the only virgin hair available for that color would be our European Natural Dark or Light Blonde. However, virgin hair can still be dyed or bleached to match your hair. But we strongly advise that a professional stylist does the lightening process for you. With all hair, there will be expected damaging to bleaching or lightening (like our own hair). But with virgin hair, the lifespan is on the much longer side so if you do choose to order a virgin set and want to lighten or bleach them, you simply can. But as always, be sure to get professional advice before beginning the lightening process.

  4. Does Extra Customizing Cost More?

    Yes and no.

    Some of our extra customizing costs an extra fee.

    Our Back to Back customizing is free at no extra charge for some clip in sets UNLESS you were to (for example) want a half n half with 3d Blend for each half, or ombre. 

  5. If I Don't Order Extra Customizing, How long Will Production Time Take?

    Because each item is custom made-to-order, all orders will take at least 12-14 business days to make (with Rush Order, and non-rush orders will take longer, unless stated otherwise in item description), even if you choose 1 solid color in the Standard Set. Because everything is custom made to order, even with 1 solid color, your extensions will still take the same amount of time. Part of the waiting time is the timing we have to wait for the the bundles of hair to be shipped to us from our suppliers before working on your set which can take about 4-10 days (or longer without rush order).

  6. What Is The "Standard Set" For The Clip In Extensions?

    When making a full head set, we generally make each set as the following:

    One- 8 inch weft

    Three- 6 inch wefts

    Two- 4 inch wefts

    Four- 1 inch wefts

  7. Can I Customize Each Weft To My Liking?

    YES! With each full head set, you can customize each order the way you want! Some might want a 7 inch weft instead of an 8 inch weft. Some may want  5 inch wefts instead of  6 inch wefts. And some may not want any 1 inch wefts. Some of our clients even has asked for four 4 inch wefts instead of just two.

  8. For Example: 

    If you wanted one-7 inch weft, two-5 inch wefts, Four- 3 inch wefts, and Zero- 1 inch wefts or even two-2 inch wefts, we can make them this way just as you want!

  9. How Can I Choose Weft Customizing?

     When ordering extensions, you will see a customizing menu bar to your right next to each item (except some categories). You will see an option where it says "Weft Customizing". You will have an option to choose either the Standard Weft Set, or to Customize your weft. 

    If you do not want us to make your set the Standard Way, you would choose "Weft Customize" and fill out the details below in the next area where you can simply write out how you want your wefts to be made, how many, how many clips on each, and how wide you would like each weft to be made. 

  10. How Do I Figure Out Which Widths For Each Weft?

    The best way to find out which lengths would be best for your head is these steps:

    1. Measure the nape of your neck first with a measuring tape from side to side. Some might find 6 inches is too long. So if you wanted 4, 5, or 5 1/2, we can make the wefts that way!

    2. Go about 1 inch above and measure (from side to side) above the nape of your neck. (You may notice the higher you go, the wider the width may become, being that the shape of our heads are wider towards the middle-top).

    3. Go another 1 inch above the 2nd measurement and measure from side to side. Here is where either a 6 or 7 inch may be preffered.

    4. Take a measuring tape from ear to ear or slightly above each ear and measure there. You may notice you may want your longest weft either 7, 8, or even 9 inches.

    5. For the sides of your head (if you are wanting wider side pieces for your set), measure from your temple (right above your ear), and bring it 3-4 inches to see which will be best. Some may prefer 4 inches, and some may prefer 3 or 3.5 inches.

    6. Single 1 inch wefts are optional, but is always best for face framing. However, if you prefer 2 inches instead of 1 inch, or none at all in your set, we can do that for you.

  11. If I have really short hair, can I still wear extensions?

  12. YES. Although we advise that your hair be at least 6-8 inches to ensure that your own natural hair is a bit long enough to cover the wefts and clips for the best natural look. If choosing single wefts to be sewn or fused in, hand tied may be the best to hide the tracks more discreetly.

  13. Can I color and use heat on the hair extensions?

  14. Yes, although we recommend that you should use caution when coloring or bleaching them. Hair extensions that are non-virgin have already gone through  extensive processing, especially any very light colors like the lightest blondes. In other words, the lighter the hair, the more processing that has been done to them to achieve that color. Darkening them is safer than lightening them, but the risk of damage is still there with any added chemicals. However, a safer way is to use a semi-permanent dye rather than a permanent dye. If you do choose to use permanent dye, one without ammonia is safer. Be sure to choose the right hair color so that you don't have to dye or highlight your hair. However, if you feel the need that you must dye or highlight your hair, it is advised to see a professional stylist who is specialized in coloring hair extensions.  Overall, it is much safer to have your hair colored to match the extensions rather than the other way around.

    If you do choose to risk coloring them yourself, we highly advise that you use one of the smallest wefts (the single wefts) for "testing" the color out before coloring any of the bigger wefts.  We do not take any responsibility for any damage done after coloring it or having it colored by a stylist unfortunately.

    Because they are 100% human hair, you can style, use heat,  and wash just like your normal hair.  It is best to always use a heat protectant and use plenty of conditioner after each wash since the extensions are not getting the natural oils from your head as your own hair is.

  15. How do I wash my extensions?

  16. We advise that you use a low or non-sulfate shampoo and a higher quality conditioner. The best way to wash your extensions is to separate each weft and soak them in luke warm (not too hot) water with a mild shampoo. Gently soak and lather without "rubbing" or  bunching up the wefts to prevent tangling. Holding up each weft, gently stroke each weft in a "downward" motion as you shampoo. Then rinse with water. Repeat with each weft. Then do the follow up same thing when using conditioner. It is best to leave the conditioner in for at least 5-10 min (or longer), or a leave in conditioner for best care. Do not comb while the extensions are still wet, as this will prevent any shedding or tangling from happening. Using a good heat protectant is also important before styling or using heat your hair extensions(as well as your own hair too)

  17. .

  18. How Often Should I Wash My Extensions?

    We advise that you only wash when really needed. Usually extensions should be washed only about every 8-15 wears, depends on how often you wear them,  how often you use heat on them,  and how much styling products you use on them. We advise that you only wash them every few weeks athough that might lower the length of extended quality of your extensions. But if you really do not have to wash them daily, then try to go as long as possible in between washes.

  19. What's the best way to brush my hair extensions?

    We strongly advised on using any wide-tooth comb, extension loop brush, or a smoothing brush to prevent less "shedding". ALL hair extensions eventually shed a little bit depending on how often you use or wear them. They eventually shed a little more and more. However, the best way to ensure they last much longer is by combing them from the "bottom UP" and gently holding the top where the clips are and not combing them too harshly. It's advised to only comb them when they are completely dry. Even if they tangle after each wash, by letting them air dry, and using a detangler by gently combing through, will help get any tangles out.

  20. Can I sleep with my extensions on?

    Yes, but again we advise that you don't with clip ins (unless they are sewn or fused in) because it can damage the clips making them "flattened out" to where you cannot open and snap them open or close again. It can also create more tangling and may not be very comfortable. Do it at your own risk.

  21. Is It Ok to swim with my hair extensions?

    We highly recommend that you do not because the chlorine can be very damaging and drying to them as your own hair would be. If you do want to swim , try to at least put your hair in a bun or do not wear your extensions while swimming or bathing. Do it at your own risk.

  22. Where Should I keep my extensions when not using them?

    The gift package we ship with your extensions are perfect for keeping them safely stored away. You can however, use any box or shoe box as a safe way to keep them when not using them. We strongly advise that storing them in a box away while still "damp" or "wet" after washing is not good for them until fully dry to prevent mildew from forming. As like your own hair, they should be air dried BEFORE sealing them or storing them in any box.

  23. How long will my Extensions last?

    Depending on how often you wear them, style them, wash them, treat them, or how much product you use on them depends.  Human hair is just like our own hair and is prone to tangles, shedding, dry ends, split ends, etc. There is no such thing as "perfect human hair". That only comes from "synthetic fiber" hair except synthetic hair has much more restrictions on what you can do to it unlike human hair. 

  24. How long does it take to put in my Extensions?

    Only MINUTES! However, if you are a beginner using hair extensions, it may take a little over 10 min to get it right. By using our hair clip that comes with your package, these are great for using to hold up your hair as you "section" each part while clipping in your extensions. However, if you have your wefts sewn or fused in, the labor can take up to 3-5 hours depending on your stylist.

  25. How Much Does Your Hair Extensions Cost?

    The prices may not be listed right next to each texture category when you first see the texture that you are interested in. This is because some of our sets are determine by the length & grams, and whether you want extra customizing, double drawn virgin hair, or anything else that you add to your menu during checkout.

    To see the initial price of how much your set will cost is to go to the menu bar and click on "Choose Your Length & Grams" and scroll down to the length and grams desired. There you will see how much your hair extensions will cost before adding anything else.

  26. How Can I Find Out How Much An Item Might Cost Before Choosing If I Want to Order Or Not?

    If you're not sure about which item and how much it costs; you can simply fill out our custom menu bar (as if you are making an order), continue as if you are going to make a purchase, and then do not completely fill out the billing/payment/shipping part. That way you can see how much everything might be beforehand. If you do find that the price is enough for you, then just continue along with the rest of the filling out for the billing/payment/shipping instructions. Be sure to always check our "Sales & Specials" page as there might be a coupon code you can use for a discount.

  27. How Do I Make A Purchase From Your Hair Shop?

    Ordering is easier than ever before! Our customizing menu bars are created so you can choose and customize your entire item without having to jump from page to page.#1. CLICK ON OUR PAGE SHOP. #2. CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF THE CATEGORY OF YOUR CHOICE  #3. CLICK ON THE NEXT OPTIONAL PICTURE CATEGORY OF YOUR CHOICE  #4. FILL OUT THE MENU BAR ON YOUR RIGHT

  28. More Details About Our Customizing Menu Bar:

    You will see a Drop Down Menu bar where it shows "Choose your Length & Grams". Please always choose that first because that will be the starter point to how much your extensions will cost before adding anything else.

     It may also ask what "Hair Type" to choose. IF it has this option (some may not), be sure to choose carefully on which hair type if the texture set offers different textures such as "Chinese", or "Indian". That is also important because although they are similar, they are still a little different when it comes to holding a curl, and versatility. However most hair is already divided into different hair textures already, but some Silky Straight and Standard Sets may offer Chinese and/or Indian.

     ALL of our Sets will offer a "Extra Color Customizing" option (except our Virgin Sets), so always be sure to choose your options carefully. Of course, if you already ordered a set, but want to make a few changes with extra customizing, you can BEFORE 24 hours. Some changes may cost a bit more so we can email you a separate invoice if you need to add a few things that does cost more. Some extra customizing options are no extra charge.

     Clip Size is also important. Be sure to see our page "Our Clip Sizes" to determine which size may be right for you. Most customers who have thick hair still opt for the small clip size, and vice versa. But this is also important.

    You will also see the text bar that says "Choose your Color". This is the 2nd most important option that needs to be filled out (next to the 1st most important option that says "Choose your Length & Grams"). It's always important to write down the number of the color, especially if you are choose an extra customizing option. You will also notice in the gallery below the Set you are purchasing, has more pictures available to see up close from our Color Charts. We also have included a few hair texture sample pictures and ombre color samples.

     Rush Order: For Rush order, your order will come up as automatic "NO" for rush order unless you want to purchase rush order. If you are wanting your extensions finished no later than 2 weeks, than rush order is a must to add to your cart before checking out. However, if there is a special where an item or certain set, length, or texture is listed as "FREE Rush Order", than you do NOT have to pay extra for Rush Order.

     Color Match Help Photo Uploads: We've made it extra convenient for those who while checking out, is still unsure about which color to choose, to simply upload 1 or 2 photos of their hair (or a photo of a sample color that they will like for their hair). If you find you still are not sure during checkout, please write down "Need color help", and upload a few photos (even if you already purchased your hair). We will surely email you as soon as possible or no less than 24 hours from time you made your purchase, to help you choose the right color.

    Weft Preference: You can choose our Standard Weft Set (shown on each item in the detailed description box below item picture), or customize your wefts a certain way (for example; One-8 inch weft, Two-6 inch wefts, Two-4 inch wefts, NO-1 inch wefts). There will be some limitations upon requests depending on how many grams you ordered.

    You will see an option of "standard set", or "Customize Weft". If you want the standard set, choose "Standard Set" only, and leave the detailed box for customizing your wefts-BLANK.

    Shipping will be calculated during checkout. The *estimated shipping you can change depending on what type of shipping you choose. We offer USPS Postal Service.

    *Please note: the shipping time does not mean your hair will be shipped right away the day after you order your hair. The shipping time means after your hair is finished being made, then it will take that long to be shipped to you. Everything we sell is "custom made-to-order" which means nothing is being made until payment has cleared.

    International Buyers can choose between Priority International, International Express.

  29. *Please note: We do not use any other mail option that is cheaper than International Priority due to the package is harder or cannot be tracked once it is out of our country (USA). International Priority mail is safer to use because it can be tracked by us and the consumer.

    **If you are under 18 years of age, you are required to ask permission from your parents or an adult before purchasing anything on our website.

  30. What form of payment do you accept?

    We accept Paypal and/or Credit Cards only.

    We do not accept ; written checks, e checks, money orders, monthly payments, "payments after your hair is made and shipped to you", or bank transfers. Sorry.

  31. Is Paypal Safe to use?

    Paypal is safe and secure! When using Paypal, we do NOT see any of your personal information except your name, address, and payment! Credit card numbers or debit cards, are not visible to us at all. Paypal is also used widely on the internet with so many online stores! It's no wonder Paypal is now the #1 used world wide online payment form!

  32. Do You Take Orders Over The Phone?

    No. We do not take orders over the phone because we do not use a credit card machine.

    Another reason is because if a customer wanted to use their Paypal account, that would require us to know your personal Paypal log-in or credit card information and passwords which we would NOT want to be accountable for.  You should NEVER give out your personal paypal account information to anyone, especially over the phone (unless you are dealing with Paypal directly).

  33. Do You have a phone number?

  34. We do not have a phone number at this time. All inquiries are done through email only.

  35. Do You See Our Credit Card Numbers When Making A Purchase?

    We do not see any of your personal credit card numbers or paypal passwords. We only see your billing/shipping address, IP address, date, email,  and  information on the item you ordered.

  36. What Happens If My Payment Doesn't Go Through?

    If your payment didn't go through, it can mean a few things.

    1. You might have not had enough funds in your Paypal account. For example, if you have a Paypal account, and you order something that exceeds the amount in your Paypal funds. You would then need to add funds into your account first. If you do not have your bank linked to your Paypal account, then if you do not have enough funds in your Paypal, then it cannot deduct the remaining balance from your bank account OR it just may be an error or technical issue.

  37. 2. Paypal may have suspected your account was not verified, or that fraudulent suspicion might be an issue (not always the case, but this can happen).

  38. 3. You may have not ordered everything correctly. Be sure to check the billing and shipping, and have everything ready before making an attempt to order.

  39. 4. You may have wrote in your credit card incorrectly. Even by accident, forgetting to write in the last number or the wrong number can also result in your order not going through. Be sure to also check the expiration date and security pin.

  40. 5. You may have exceeded the amount of the balance on your credit card. If you went over your credit card limit, that can also result in your order not going through. In this case you should use a different credit card or another form of payment that we offer. It could also be different name that you used for the billing address. Many credit card companies or payment systems require the name on the card to be matched to the name on the billing address or the data base system may not let the order go through or may suspect fraud (even if there is no fraud).

  41. As with any order, its best to try again. If your order is still not going through, please contact your credit card company, bank, or Paypal if you are using your Paypal account for further assistance.

    *We do not take any responsibility for payments that do not go through. We  do not tolerate fraudulent buyers and will open a dispute, or charge you a fee for any charge backs or cancelations (made after 24 hours) if we have already paid the goods before making your hair for you. You must be 18 years or older to make a purchase on our website. If you are under 18 you need to ask your parents' permission before making any type of payment online.

  42. Does PayPal "Bill Me Later" (or PayPal "Credit") show up? And why might it show up when I check out?

    Paypal has included many online stores to accept Bill Me Later during their checkouts. However, some stores may not. Bill me Later is basically an "option" if you would like to buy an online product, but pay later. It is like a credit card-without having to get a card. You can use your paypal account to use Bill Me Later. Not everyone will be able to use it, but you can apply for it.

    WE do not manage or control Bill Me Later. If you see the Bill Me Later when you check out, and does not want to use it, or cannot, simple click on the word "change" and choose a different option. You can however, apply for it. But again, we do not manage Bill Me Later. You will need to contact Paypal yourself or apply yourself using your own Paypal account. On the good note, Bill me Later is a wonderful way to shop online with us if you already have it! With Bill me Later, you can buy now-and pay later.

  43. If I do not have a Paypal account, can I still order hair from you?

    YES. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can still order from us by using it. Although there is less hassle if you already have a Paypal account. However, if you do not have one, you can use your debit or credit card through Paypal as well. 

  44. Should I Create An Account when Ordering?

    We advise you to create an account so you can check your orders, check tracking more easily, to keep an eye on your hair orders. If you don't create an account, you will still receive an email that your order has been shipped when we have finished your hair and has shipped them out.

  45. What does "Order Processing mean?"

    Processing means that your order is now beginning production time. All of our extensions are not shipped out right away. Thus, each hair set will take anywhere from 14 days-4 weeks (max) unless it is during a very busy season which is typically around November/December.

    If you ordered a set that is FREE Rush order or paid for Rush Order, then you will still need to wait at least 12-14 days for your extensions to be finished before being shipped out.

    Once your extensions are finished and ready to ship, your order will be changed to "Shipped" with a tracking number provided to the email in which you used on your Payment.

  46. How Long Does It Take For My Hair To Be Made?

    Unlike a lot of other Hair Companies, our hair extensions are not all "in stock" or pre-made by factories (except some of the items we sell such as: Bangs, Wigs, and Ponytails although all of these items are still custom made to order as well). Because we make most of the sets custom by hand using our own machines, each set will need at least 12-14 days to be finished for each of our customers. We do receive all of the hair from our suppliers overseas, but that can still take about 1-2 weeks before we even receive the hair and before making them into  clip in sets (unless Rush Order payment is provided). Even if someone pays for Rush Order, the timing we need to finish a set is still 12-14 days. Before ordering, it is always advised to always order at least 2-4 weeks in advance if you need your hair by a certain time or for an event. International orders still apply to USA orders. 

  47. What is Rush Order for?

    Because we get our hair from overseas around the world, it usually no more then 3 weeks to receive the hair, before we begin make them. We know sometimes you may want them sooner than that, especially if an important event is coming up, and so we offer Rush Order option so you can have your extensions much sooner.

    Rush order is an extra $29. However if any of our custom made items are listed as FREE RUSH ORDER, then you do not have to pay the extra $29 and they will still be made faster for you! Rush order ensures that you receive your hair extensions within two weeks.(Holiday seasons may take a few days longer because of Postal Service delays). However, it can vary, and sometimes you may get your hair much faster then that. Some may get their hair in 9 days. Others may get them in only 10 days.

  48. If I get an item listed FREE rush order, or pay for Rush Order and I live outside of the USA, will I still get my hair in Rush Order Timing?

    Not likely if you live outside of the United States being that International shipping will take longer. 

    Because we are located in the USA, any rush orders that are within the US , your extensions will be finished in 2 weeks time.  If you live outside the US and pay for rush order or purchase a set that has FREE RUSH ORDER on it, your extensions will be made and finished before 15 days, but if you choose Non Rush Order, they will take longer to ship. 

  49. Do you give Tracking Numbers when shipping out my package?

    YES we do! We email you your tracking number when any hair item is ready to be shipped! Same thing with International orders. If you don't get a tracking number, it means we have not shipped it out yet.

    Once you receive your tracking number, you can copy and paste it to USPS Tracking online anytime to keep eye on it.

  50. *If you create an account before purchasing any extensions, it will be much easier to keep track of your orders.

  51. For any reason you  suspect your package may be delayed or lost, please call USPS at this number: 1-800-275-8777

    International USPS number is: 1-800-222-1811

  52. How long does Shipping Take?

    Because we are located in the United States, any orders coming from the USA will only take 2-3 days (If choosing Priority Mail).

    International orders will take anywhere from 7-20 days.. 

    NOTE: Sometimes rarely there is some delays with shipping worldwide. We cannot control any International delivery problems or delayed problems with International customs. 

    With some USA deliveries, any holidays may also delay your shipping. Other times depending on your city or local town, some may have stopped Saturday deliveries. Rush Order may be affected if there is a USA holiday.

  53. Can I Change My Address After I Already Purchased My Order?

    No. We can only ship to the exact address that was written with your order during payment. IT IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT THAT EVERY CUSTOMER IS VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THE SHIPPING ADDRESS THAT THEY WRITE DOWN WITH ANY ORDER.

  54. Do You Ship To P.O. Boxes?

    We are happy to let you know that we DO ship to any PO Box! Again, it might be different for International orders. But overall, we do ship to PO boxes at your convenience.

    Are My Extensions/Hair Sets Going To Be Delivered At My Door?

    Yes and no.

  55. For USA Customers, our packages are usually stored either in your mailbox, or to your front door.

    We do not request signature confirmation unless notified beforehand when shipping your package out.

    Most of our new packaging is small enough to fit in a normal size mailbox. If your postal service cannot fit our package into your mail box, than most likely they will bring it to your door.

  56. For International Customers: It depends on if your local customs have you sign or pay for a custom sales tax before delivering it to you. It can vary from country to country. We have no idea which countries will deliver your package right to your door, or which ones will notify that you need to pay a fee before picking up your package at your local postal service. This is out of our control unfortunately. Some International customers have had no problems receiving their package straight to their door. Others have had to go pick them up at their postal service and pay a tax fee first.

    *International Custom Sales Tax will vary. The custom/duties tax has nothing to do with us but depends on your country's policies and sale tax charges.

    Will I get charged for Custom Duties/Sales tax?

    Custom sales tax will NOT apply to USA customers, being that we ARE located in the USA. 

    USA Sales tax will apply to those who live in TN state where we are located.

    Custom sales tax might apply with International orders. It is out of our control on how much your country may charge for "custom duty/sales tax." It has nothing to do with us. It has to do with your country's sales tax for goods coming from our country. Some fees may be different, and we don't know how much it might cost. It varies from country to country.