Clip Fancy Hair Extensions

Custom Made Remy Hair

There is no extra cost/charge for choosing 
between your clip size

Our Extension clips are the famous U-Clip that most extension brands offer. They are sturdy, and have a silicone grip right beneath the u-shaped teeth clips.

We offer TWO different sizes for most items.

Small & Medium

           The picture both shown above a nickel to compare the difference in sizes. BOTH sizes work well with all hair textures. But some have believed the medium sized ones hold up with heavier/thicker weft pieces or vice versa. There are some that have really thick hair that still prefer the smaller ones. They are both the same quality, same style, just one is a tad bit bigger then the other.

We use Blonde (shown in picture on left) for Blonde hair shades, Brown for Brown color shades, and Black for the darkest shades when making your clip in extensions.