Clip Fancy Hair Extensions

Custom Made Remy Hair

Need Help With How To Place An Order? 
Follow these easy steps below!

Step 1.

Go to our website and at the very top, click on where it says "SHOP".

Step 2.

You will see many different categories. (Photo is not showing every single category. There will be more when you scroll down). 

You would then choose your category by clicking on the PHOTO of your choice to begin. 

For example, if someone wants a full head clip in set, they would choose the category "Full Head Clip In Sets".

After (for example), if wanting a VIP Remy Colored clip in set in 300 grams, you would choose the desired category "VIP Remy Clip In Sets" or "VIP European Clip In Sets". If wanting VIP Virgin clip in sets, then you would click on any photo that shows "VIP Virgin Clip In Set".

Step 3.

Next you will be shown a different option of which quality of hair you would like (Standard, Premium, or VIP). Then you will see different choice categories with colored or virgin hair clip in sets with all the available hair textures on the customizing menu bar. 

Step 4.

Next you will see a customizing menu bar to fill out your order. The price shown is the price at the shortest length of hair and grams, before adding anything else. You will then choose your "hair texture" (silky straight, bodywave, etc), before continuing on to the rest. Color Chart and extra photos will be shown on the left of the menu bar. Click any to view upclose.

Step 5.

Be sure to click on the "sign in" link to create or log into your account to see and track orders and to view your marked "favorite items"!

Step 6.

When filling out the custom menu bar, start at the top where it says "Choose Length & Grams". Scroll down to choose inches and grams. We offer 200-400 grams for Premium and VIP "Sets". If not sure what length and grams to choose, please see our page "Advice" for help or you can email us for help choosing your options.

Step 7.

After choosing your length and grams, you will then choose your options for the other categories:

Single or Double drawn -(click and scroll to choose your option). Double drawn will have much more longer strands making your extensions more thick from top to bottom. Note: some items may not be available for double drawn option.

Extra Customizing -click and scroll to choose your options- see our page "Extra Customizing" for more details)

Your Color Choice- You would first see our page "Color Charts" and click on to see the colors first. After that you will write down the selected color/s of your choice. Please write down the details if choosing something other than "1 solid color".

Weft Customizing- You would choose the standard weft set (the set we make normally) OR you can choose "customize weft" (to choose your own widths and number of wefts). See our page "Weft Customizing" to see more details.

Clip Size- You have the option (at no extra charge) to choose the size clips you would like for your clip in set. See our page "Hair Clip Sizes" for more details.

Customize Weft- If choosing the standard weft set, then you would leave this section BLANK. If choosing to customize your wefts, then you will write down in detail the number of wefts you want and how wide you would like each one to be. Note: there may be some limitations depending on the grams you are choosing for your set. If there are some limitations we will email you about your order so you can make some changes or choose different options.

Color Match Help- This is optional, but available if you are not completely sure about which colors you would like even if you had already wrote down the color/s of choice you would like. If uploading a photo during ordering, we will email you on the color that we chose best. Note: we can only choose the colors from our color chart. If you want a color that does not match any colors in our color charts, we will try and match you best to the closest color from our color charts as we possibly can.

Rush Order- This option is how fast you would like your hair finished before shipping out. Note: Production time is not total time for shipping. Shipping time is additional to production times. Some months out of the year Rush Order will be delayed or not available. If it is delayed it will be either displayed in each menu bar or listed in our Terms & Conditions.

Step 8.

You will then see an option to continue shopping or checkout.

You can also see the hair texture images on the bottom where it says "View image details". Click on the photo to see an up close image. You can also see our page "Hair Textures" for more details.

Step 9.

When you are finished and ready to checkout, you will then see your estimated shipping and total. (Note: the charges show are just an example and shipping total may differ depending on which city, state, and country/providence you are living).

You have three options to use during checkout.

Note: if you do not have a paypal account you can still choose the paypal option and use a debit/credit card to place your order. You can also apply for Paypal Credit (formally called "Bill Me Later"). 

*Paypal Credit is ran by Paypal only. You would need to apply with Paypal to see if you apply. Click on the Paypal credit button to see details.

Step 10.

You will also see your order details before checking out with payment. Note: this order is just an example of how your order/s will look.

Coupon Codes: If there is an available coupon code, you can write in the code where it says "coupon code" (apply) in the box.

To see available coupons/discounts, see our page "Sales & Specials".

Step 11.

To finish your order after payment, you will then see details for shipping (Note: if checking out with Paypal you may be shown an additional shipping page with Paypal to complete your shipping details and then be directed back to our page with shipping details.)

Be sure to make sure that your shipping/billing addresses are correct.