Clip Fancy Hair Extensions

Custom Made Remy Hair

Our Store Policy

We have a No Refund policy. All Sales are final.

We do offer exchanges ONLY for eligible custom made items for any errors on our part such as obvious wrong error (example: if you ordered Body Wave but received Silky Straight).

For Qualified Eligible exchanges:

-The hair is received/mailed back within 7 days from delivery date (no later than: this applies to International customers as well)

-The hair has NOT been altered in anyway (cut, colored, washed, used or tampered with).

-Only AFTER we have received your hair and has examined the hair (determining if you are eligible for an exchange).

-Cancellations and charge backs will result in a possible reporting of misuse AFTER 24 hours, due we pay for the goods before production time, which means we have lost money if you cancel your order after we have already bought the goods to make your product. In some cases we may report to proper authorities/collection agencies if needed. Canceled orders (even within 24 hours) WILL however be charged a partial refund fee due to Paypal charges us for reversal fees. *Chargebacks made without abiding by our policy rules will also be reported if needed.

Orders that need to be changed (color choices, textures, lengths, weft customizing, etc) MUST BE NOTIFIED TO US BEFORE 24 hours from time of purchase. Once it has been over 24 hours, you cannot change your order.  If you need to alter your order, or change a few things, you must notify us within 24 hours from time you placed your order or add a payment if needing to buy something that might cost more. We can also send you an invoice for anything you might have forgotten to add.

 If you decide to change the color choice after it has been over 24 hours from your time of purchase, we cannot accept them. WE DO NOT REFUND OR EXCHANGE OUR EXTENSIONS OVER "LAST MINUTE" DECISION CHANGES. If you realized the color you chose during checkout was not the color you wanted, you will have to get them professionally colored or you can order a new set. We make all extensions from scratch per order, so we would have to repurchase hair bundles and start over all over again to make a new set (is why we do not have flexible exchanges).

If you are unhappy with the  color of you hair, you can  go to a professional stylist and get it colored to match your hair properly.

We  do not offer color exchanges with our custom made hair  (ONLY if it's an obvious color mistake such as if you bought the color black and we give you blonde-that is an obvious color mishap so that would require a color exchange).

If you are unhappy with the  color of you hair, you can  go to a professional stylist and get it colored to match your hair properly, or you can get your own hair colored to match the extensions if you do like the colors of your extensions. Please note that our Color Charts are pretty close to the actual colors in person. However, there will be a slight difference in person.

We  do not offer color exchanges , only if it's an obvious color mistake or an error on our part-such as if you bought the color black and we give you blonde-that is an obvious color mishap so that would require a color exchange). If you ordered the color #2 for example and the color in person "seems to dark" or "too light", but still the color #2 originally, than we cannot offer an exchange since that would not be an error on our part. (Some other extensions' companies' #2 may be different from our color #2 for example).We are also not responsible for color placement of highlights or ombre (for example: "not enough of", or "too much of":  a certain color when choosing 2, 3, or 4 colors) since our suppliers color technicians color the hair bundles-we do not.

It is always important to send us a few pictures of the exact hair color/texture you are wanting to be sure before we begin production time if you are not completely sure about the color/texture you are choosing for your extensions.

*Photos/Images of item/ hair colors/textures next to items may differ from actual item/hair in person. If you don't, you risk receiving a color/texture that may not completely match the color you were hoping for. Computer screens may not always be 100% accurate with colors. We offer color rings that you can purchase in our category "Hair Tools" located on our Hair Shop page.

Exchanges are not eligible for colors you purchased, but is unhappy with the result unless it was an error was on our part.

Our custom  handmade hair we do not have "in stock" as we order hair bundles only "per order". Everything is custom made to order, so we don't have  pre-made hair that order in mass quantities that we can simply exchange or sell at anytime.  Because it is human hair, it can be colored to meet your needs. However, once you color it, wash it, or use it, you can no longer return for an exchange.

If we do make an exchange set (under certain circumstances), once we make an extra exchange set for you, there will be no refunds whatsoever once an exchange has been made (since we cover the cost of the extra hair we must purchase every single time there is a new set being made for you.) IF you are eligible for an exchange with your custom made set, you will risk having to provide a product/goods/service fee. Exceptional new made sets can take up to 6-8 weeks. If you are still unhappy with your 2nd set, you will need to have them colored or fixed by a stylist yourself, or we will have to charge for an extra labor price for the extra work once again. 

You must choose very carefully before choosing what color/length/texture, and grams you want for any handmade custom made hair set.

Exceptional custom handmade exchanges will not include Rush Order timing and may take 6-8 + weeks. Coupon codes do not apply to exceptional custom handmade exchange/service fees. 

We do NOT exchange any other different hair  item with another for an exchange. Any qualified exchanges can only be made for the exact item that was purchased in the initial order (except if there was a correction to be made).

Refunds and exchanges also do not apply if your hair was not shipped to you in time or for any other delay and shipping reasons. We do not change addresses or ship to different addresses once your order has been made. This reason is also prevents returns/refunds.

Refusing your package or returning the package to us expecting a refund does not qualify you for a refund unless we have already agreed to making a new hair set or exchanging an exchanged qualified item. If you choose to return or refuse your package only for reasons for a refund, a refund will not be granted. We will make an attempt to re-ship the package back (customer is responsible for payment of 2nd shipments). If you refuse it again, you risk never receiving your item and still no refund in which this is a risk that you are willing to take. NO EXCEPTIONS.

For all orders: There will be a mandatory signature confirmation during delivery.

For orders over $1,000: There will be a mandatory signature confirmation during delivery as well as a 48 waiting period after payment has cleared before production begins.

Due to some delays of International and US Postal services (and holidays), if your package was shipped due to delays with postal service reasons, that is out of our control, and we cannot take responsibility for any items that are delayed for any other reasons that we have no control of. If your tracking number was sent, and a lot of weeks gone by, it is important that you contact your local postal/custom postal service and give them your tracking number that we sent to you, and try to solve the problem in where your package is.

For any loss or damaged packages, you will need to file a claim with your postal service. We are not responsible for any loss goods, or damaged packages once the package is out of our hands. We are not responsible for purchasing insurance during shipping. Purchasing shipping insurance is the buyers choice during checkout. All packages are subject to some insurance automatically, but only to a certain amount. This is something the delivery services provide, but we do not buy extra.

Refunds/Exchanges will not be eligible for reasons such as:

Shedding- All hair (just like our own) will shed naturally. The more wear and tear , the more it will shed over time. Our own hair sheds a little everyday (when brushing/washing), and because it is human hair sewn/made into wefts, shedding is common and natural. Some shedding may occur when you first receive your extensions, but it is minimal.  We try our best to make the wefts as tight as possible, but there will be some shedding regardless. (Other extension companies will also agree on this since all wefts are man made and extensions are only a temporary solution).

Gray Hairs/Black Hairs- (Unless customer orders "Salt and Pepper Coloring", unlike Synthetic hair, real human hair comes from real people. There are donors all over the world. Some young, some old. With some extensions, there will be some gray hairs (especially if the hair is virgin or often found in natural black or jet black hair). Another reason gray or black hairs may be visible is because during the color process in the manufacturers, some strands may not have been coated evenly as most of the other hair strands. In some cases during processing, all hair is usually naturally very dark brown or black. Lightening the hair to blonde may still cause an occasional few black or grey hairs. This is natural, and you can simply pull them out or cut them, or re-color them. Same thing can happen with other colors. Instead of seeing gray or black hairs, you might see an occasional brown hair in your blonde set. Again, this is normal, as with the color processing in manufactures, some strands were not evenly colored, and some darker strands will still be visible.

NOTE: This happens because all human hair  that is donated  to hair vendors that is non-European ,often are naturally very dark before hair factories start the coloring process, and has to be lightened to make browns,  lighter browns, reddish browns, or bleached to blonde. *We do not color the hair bundles. Our suppliers and their factories do before they are sent to us and before we begin hand sewing them.

Tangling- All hair extensions are prone to some tangling (just like our own hair). Any hair that has been over used, over washed, over processed, damaged, or not cared for,  might be prone to some tangling. As with all hair extensions, it is important that you take very good care of them , deep condition them, use a good heat protectant when styling. Try to use minimal products on them. *We do not claim 100% tangle free.

Thickness/Thinness- If you think your extensions are not "thick enough", it is usually possible because of length, texture, or because it is "single drawn". Single drawn hair means that although the hair falls into the same length, there will be shorter hair lengths mixed in which can result in thinner ends. This is natural, and why double drawn hair is 2-3 times more expensive in most cases (especially if you want high quality hair). We also weigh the hair before sewing/making the extensions/adding clips although some items may be the weight total including clips. Some items may appear to be thinner, even tho the weight of the grams is the exact weight you bought. Longer lengths are prone to more thinning at the ends compared to shorter lengths. Some textures that have a natural curl or wave, will appear thinner due to the "lightness" of them vs silky straight in our Standard Hair collection. This is normal.Sometimes lengths will be longer than the initial length as it is normal with sewing tracks over each other causing a "sewing down" method that we use. If you find the length is longer, you can simply trim the ends. *Virgin single drawn hair may be thinner at the ends than Single drawn remy hair. Longer lengths do not qualify for exchanges.The only time an exchange will be made is if the grams/weight are obvious (such as we made you a set that was 200 when you ordered a 300 or 400 gram set). Some textures will also have different "density" for example: Chinese vs Indian. 100 grams of Chinese will weigh the same as 100 grams of Indian hair. However, each strand in Chinese in diameter is slightly thicker, creating a feeling of "thicker hair" vs Indian which is finer per strand. Another reason you may think the hair is not "thick enough" is possibly because of the distribution of each weft we make. Some may want only four-6 inch wefts for their entire set. So each weft will be thicker, because all the hair/grams is made onto four solid wefts (crammed in). If someone wants more wefts then usual, each weft may be thinner due to having to spread out the grams.

Split Ends- Unlike Synthetic hair, Real human hair comes from real people/donors all over the world. There may be some split ends (even with the highest grade hair or especially in certain textures that are naturally wavy or curly). This happens not because the hair is damaged or "bad hair"..but natural curly and wavy hairs are prone to having some occasional split ends. All human hair is prone to split ends no matter what the quality.

Texture Preference/Disliking- All textures are slightly different then shown in our pictures. Colors also may seem different. Patterns of highlights/Ombre are excluded to exchanges/refunds. Color placement may vary unless customer asks for specific placement of where color falls. If not specifically requested on pattern placement, than customer cannot ask for an exchange. Some textures will not match everyone. You may need to get the hair layered, or curled to blend better with your hair. Stitching may vary as some threads may be noticeable but normal for handmade/sewing goods and material that we use. Some loose threads does not indicate that the product/hair is "unusable" or "unwearable", as same with "fraying". Some wavy/curly textures are similar or very close in texture to others. NOTE: Some naturally curly/wavy textures will be slightly shorter in length naturally. Some textures that are sent to you in "silky straight" often have a slight natural wave after washing, and is normal. Unprocessed hair may appear or feel slightly less silky due to natural cuticles are still intact or vice versa. Some very processed hair (lightest blonde colors) may feel slightly more dry than darker colors since blonde hair is more processed and more prone to breakage or even shedding due to extensive lightening process.  *Dryness is also normal considering human hair is natural and as before stated, has already been used on human heads before being donated and is prone to over drying during anytime. Any hair extension not being completely attached to the natural head will not receive the natural oils and is prone to drying more faster. Silicone based products are one of the best ways to keep hair feeling more silky after being washed.

Color- Our colors vary differently than other companies. Some colors may vary in person. The only reason for an exchange or a new set in color would be if it was an error on our part. If you order (for example) #2, but is not happy about the color, we cannot simply exchange and make you a whole new set. If (for example), you ordered #1b and we made you #2, that would be considered an error on our part. Patterns of highlights/Ombre are excluded to exchanges/refunds. Color placement may vary unless customer asks for specific placement of where color falls. Another example is if the customer is not happy about highlight thickness/thinness. Highlights may be chunky or thin depending on how many colors they choose. If choosing only 2 colors, they may be thicker. If choosing 3 or 4 colors for highlighting, they may be thinner. If not specifically requested on pattern placement, than customer cannot ask for an exchange. Some colors may be very close or almost identical as color/combinations: #1b and #2b, #4 and #30, #6 and #12, #28 and #16, and #18 and #14, #101 and #22 (for example). It is very important when choosing these colors for any ombre or highlight combinations, that it may appear to look like 1 solid color even though it is not. This is important when considering contrasting combinations. *All lightest blonde shades have somewhat of a yellow undertone. 

Shipping Reasons/Delay- (Read Above)- Shipping delays are not eligible for refunds.  If there is a  missed a delivery (customer is not there to sign or International missed deliveries) and the customer's package was returned to us, the customer is responsible for payment of shipping it back to the customer again.

*Packaging may vary. Your packaging may come in a ribbon box or other type package, and may differ in sizes and colors.

Exchanges will not be considered or applied to any orders after customer has not contacted us within 24 hours of received item for complaints. If there is a problem, it must be addressed within the first 24 hours of received item or we have the right to refuse service. There will be no exceptions if the customer has not contacted us within the first 24 hours of received item as well as if the item is not returned back to us (ONLY after/if a written agreed exchange by us) within 24 hours of received item (this is the same for International customers).

Please Be Aware: Most Custom made/handmade products sold online also have a very strict return/exchange policy, due to we often pay for the goods and products ourselves before making them custom made (specifically for each individual). In turn, is not easy to turn around and simply resell. Each Custom made set is made differently most of the time for each customer, so please understand the hard work we put into each extension set. Unlike lots of other hair extension companies, we alter each bulk of hair we receive from our suppliers, (items made by our suppliers are also custom made-to -order) thus we cannot easily exchange the hair that we have "altered" ourselves- back to our suppliers. You are welcomed to research online, other companies who have strict return/exchange policies for handmade/custom made goods. Human hair Extensions are a "hygienic product" which is also why our return/exchanges are strict. 

*Almost every other hair extension company does not even grant returns/exchanges/or refunds once a package is even opened fully or their security seal is broken (keep that in mind).

We cannot control every bundle of hair that we receive before working on them as our suppliers supply us with hair bundles from all over the world. All bundles may vary slightly in texture, quality, and color (especially virgin hair being that it is unprocessed). No bundles/"batches" of hair will be exactly the same, just like real human hair is different from everyone's heads as that is out of our control.

International Custom Tax

Custom sales tax might apply with International orders. It is out of our control on how much your country may charge for "custom duty/sales tax." It has nothing to do with us. It has to do with your country's sales tax for goods coming from our country. Some fees may be different, and we don't know how much it might cost. It varies from country to country.

Custom sales tax opon delivery will NOT apply to USA customers, being that we ARE located in the USA.




No where in our advertising do we claim to have/say the following: "completely tangle free hair", "tangle free", "shed free", "matting-free", "frizz free", "the best hair", or "perfect hair" because we understand that no hair in the world can be 100% perfect. Human hair (unlike synthetic hair) is naturally grown from humans all over the world and is subject to: shedding, tangling, matting, split ends, grey hairs, hard to curl, frizziness, and other reactions that human hair often goes through (like our own hair). Human hair has been growing on humans' heads for years before donating it to venders and suppliers, therefore the hair has already been "used" before donated or/and sold to people around the world.

We have the right to refuse service and/or report fradulent buyers/chargebacks/threats/misuse/abuse of buyers complaints and will report to authorities if  needed. Customers' IP addresses are shown in every order along with shipping/billing addresses. If fradulent buyers are suspected of/or makes false chargebacks and the IP address that we see in the order matches the exact location of purchased address information (after buyer attempts to make a false claim of "unauthorized purchase"), than legal action can and will be taken against you or used against in you in any attempt to file a false claim chargeback.

Customers who make "false claims of purchased items" that, for example;"has sworn they purchased from us and was charged", but payment/order does not show up in our database and or/Paypal billing orders as proof of actual payment (attempting to possibly trick or con us into getting a free product by making us assume they made an actual transaction without proof of documentation/notification of payment) when a proof of order/payment was not shown in our sales/order database will be subject to possible legal action if needed. We have two databases where there is one for "completed/cleared payment/ orders/sales" and one for "unfinished sales". Completed/orders/sales will show up in our database and our Paypal as buyer will receive two notifications after purchase goes through. If a customer attempts to make a purchase but does not follow through with the payment/billing section, than that is an "UNfinished Order" and does not mean you paid for the item. Any customers who claim they have bought an item and no CLEARED/COMPLETED notifications were shown in our accounts/database, than that would qualify the customer as a possible fraud and can be subjected to legal action taken against them. NO EXCEPTIONS.

*Payments/Credit Cards will be charged before order is finished due to our products are custom made-to-order.

Hair Extensions are a "hygienic product" which is also why our return/exchanges are strict.

Complaints/Issues with any of our products must be addressed to us within 24 hours of receiving your extensions/product, or we will not take any complaints/issues into considerations. Customers are responsible for reading our policies before making a purchase as we are not responsible for customers who choose to ignore our store policies. If it has been over 24 hours after you received your items/delivery, we have the right to refuse service or explanations due to the buyer (you) has not properly read our policies/Terms & Conditions during checkout. NO EXCEPTIONS. (same rules apply to Discount & Wholeseller VIP Members)

Paypal disputes as noted in their "Buyer Protection":

Eligibility Requirements

  • Buyers must raise a dispute within 45 days of a single PayPal payment for the full price of the item. If no satisfactory response is received from the seller, a claim must be filed within 20 days of raising the dispute.
  • Exclusions

    Complaints related to vehicles, airline travel, custom-made items and eBay classified advertisements are not covered under the Buyer Protection policy. Further exclusions apply.

We are not responsible for any damages caused by coloring/styling the extensions yourself.  1. You choosing to color the extensions yourself, 2. A professional stylist who might color your extensions for you. Hair that is already processed (Remy colored/textured hair) is more prone to damage with added chemicals (or with any chemical dyes/bleach), and may still damage the extensions, even if done by a professional. Some hair color chemicals may not take to hair extensions being that our suppliers may use different hair chemicals during color/texture processing that may cause difficulty when coloring them yourself or by a stylist. Do it at your own risk.

Once your purchase is made, and it has been over 24 hours, you are AGREEING TO EVERYTHING ABOVE. NO EXCEPTIONS.


*This written agreement is the same agreement when any customer manually clicks on our "Terms & Conditions* during checkout when placing an order. Therefore, by law, you are agreeing to everything above. Paypal's Seller Protection document says the following when disputes are in favor by the sellers: "Any agreements signed OR accepted by the buyer at time of purchase" (in which manually clicking on "I agree with Terms and Conditions": the "Terms & Conditions/Store Policy") is.