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All Hair Textures are beautiful and unique. There are none that are better then the others.  The only difference is some may match your hair texture much easier then some.

Whether you have thick, thin, or medium-thick hair, choosing the kind of texture you want may be even more important then deciding on how many grams you are deciding to buy. Why? Because matching your texture ensures better blending.

Some people may have naturally very straight hair. Some may have very curly hair. Some have coarse hair. Not everyone has time to flat iron or curl their hair on a daily basis. So choosing a texture that fits your hair can be convenient and less time consuming. Or some may want a range of different hair textures to play with different styles.

Want to have curly hair today and straight tomorrow? You can if you wanted to buy two or more different hair types. The choice is yours. Some may just want a certain texture that is easily flat iron AND easy to curl. Read more below for options.

First and foremost, some textures will surely cost a lot more (especially if the hair is double drawn, higher grade or 100% virgin). But not always because they are "better", but also rather less available in the hair market or "harder to find." Just because some textures are more affordable or "cheaper" does not mean they are "less beautiful" or less quality.  For example; Chinese and Indian hair have ten times more donors on a regular basis unlike donors from Brazil and Europe.  It just depends on the origin, the population from where it is sourced, how many hair donors on a daily basis, and the demands of the hair extension market. To sum it up; the more available the hair is, the more affordable it is. The less available, the more expensive.

Sometimes it is not important to get an exact texture match for some people. But for others, it may be more important to match their texture accordingly. For example; someone with a natural yaki coarse texture may have trouble trying to blend their hair with a silky straight Chinese texture, or vice versa. Although someone who may have naturally silky wavy hair may still be able to get away with using silky straight European Remy, even if it does not have a natural wave texture after washing (as long as they style their hair to match it when using it). Some people may prefer a silkier texture even if their own natural hair is more coarse, but may just have to use different products and styling tools to blend their hair with the extensions. However, some obvious textures may require an exact match such as our Kinky Yaki Straight (as it would not blend well with someone who has naturally fine silky thin hair).

 If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, then any texture such as Indian, European, or Brazilian would be the best match for you. Silky straight is also a popular choice, Chinese can work with any texture since it is more thick per strand, but naturally straight. If you prefer a non-wavy or curly texture, and flat iron your hair almost everyday, then Chinese Remy may be best for you (since Chinese has a harder time holding curls if it has not been chemically permed or waved).

Hair Types

Chinese Hair

Naturally straight in texture. Silky, can mimic lots of different hair types, but thicker in diameter then other textures. It is more thicker and stronger then Indian and European hair. Hardest to hold a curl most of the time (unless it is processed with a curl or wave pattern). But best for those who want thicker strands in any texture. Also good for those who want bone straight hair. Good match for all types in general. Virgin Chinese is the same but totally unprocessed and even more healthier. Chinese hair is often easily available on the market but a bit more expensive than Indian. Sometimes others may claim that Chinese hair is more "cheap" just because it comes from China. This is often the other way around. Unlike Indian hair that is usually donated much more consistently from India due to religious reasons, Chinese hair is donated for pure selling reasons. Chinese hair is also more stronger in general, making real human Chinese hair a bit more valuable. 

Indian Hair

Naturally wavy (after washing) if silky straight when purchased, silky, most versatile, thinner per strand in diameter, holds a curl very well, and mimics most hair textures. Caucasian hair types can also wear Indian Remy because it is the closest to European hair, but less expensive. It is also naturally more bouncy and light weight. Indian Curly/Wavy Textures (Virgin), can also be worn with most hair types if your hair is naturally wavy and curly. Indian is the 1st most popular hair used in most extensions because like Chinese, it is more widely available, due to more consistent donors on a regular basis from the Temples of India.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair is almost identical to Indian Hair. It is a bit more expensive then Indian because there are a bit more lighter brown shades available in this hair type naturally (before being chemically processed). Silky, naturally wavy, curly, easily straightened. It is similar per diameter like strands of Chinese hair, but a tiny bit more thicker per strand then Indian. It is stronger hair in general, therefore making it a bit more expensive then Indian. 

Mongolian Hair

Mongolian hair is a fine texture in diameter. A very soft and fine texture that is natural straight with a very slight wave. This hair type is the second texture to mimic European hair due to its very fine density, lightweight feel, and sleek shine. Like Indian, it is a great alternative for those who want the look and feel of European hair, but would prefer to spend a little less.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair is often sourced from South America in Peru. More sleek and fuller in volume than Brazilian and Indian, and subtle to the touch but much more lightweight in general. It is a bit less available than the other popular textures. It comes in only a few natural virgin colors.

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair is close to Chinese Hair when it comes to thicker textures. It is generally naturally sleek and silky but with a slight natural wave. It is a tad bit less shiny then Indian/Brazilian Remy, but still very smooth to the touch. Almost all types can do well with this texture. It benefits African American hair too. A bit more expensive due to a little less availability then other textures mentioned above.

European Hair

The most expensive because the hair is not as widely available as the other textures above. The texture is fine to medium density, easy to curl, easy to flat iron. Has the most natural lightest hair colors available (before processing). Lighter browns and blonde shades are often found with this hair, making it more valuable and healthier naturally, meaning less color processing when it comes to lighter shades. Virgin European is the most expensive. Best for finer hair types, but can still be worn by others. Not recommended for coarse hair textures.


Silky Straight- Silky straight means the hair you receive has been flat ironed straight. It also shows you how the hair looks when completely straightened before washing it in its natural pattern or naturally wavy texture. Has a slight wave only once washed, but not super wavy. Chinese and Indian Remy are often silky straight when you first receive it before the initial first wash. Chinese will have a very slight wave, but not wavy or curly in general. Indian Remy will have more of a beach wave after washing.

Body Wave- Body wave is found with our Premium and VIP Hair. The waves are bigger and less then our "Deep Wave" pattern.  

Deep Wave- Available in our Premium hair AND VIP Remy hair. The Deep wave pattern is smaller then the body wave and Spanish wave textures. Think a "wave-crimped pattern". The hair has been processed to make the wave pattern for any hair types that have a very deep wave.

Deep Curl- Our Deep Curl texture is an afro curl type texture. It's available in our Premium and VIP hair. This texture is a beautiful type curl that will suit best for those who have smaller curls with more fullness.

Jerry Curl- This texture resembles a tight "wet look" curl that is almost like a cork screw/wave type curl.  Available in our Premium and VIP hair.

*(Shown in photo to the left) Water Wave- Our Water wave texture is available in our Premium and VIP hair. It is similar to a deep wave pattern, except the waves are much smaller in diameter. 

Yaki Straight-  Yaki Straight texture is one of the most popular yaki textures used with hair extensions. It is available in our Premium and VIP hair. It is a texture that resembles chemically straightened relaxed coarse hair.

Kinky Straight- Kinky yaki is textured to meet the most thickest/coarse hair needs by those who may need a more fuller look. Kinky yaki has the same textured "crimped pattern" in the hair, but with a bit bigger crimps to provide more fullness than our Yaki Straight hair texture.

Virgin Processed Textures- Our VIP grade Virgin hair comes in natural and processed textures. We offer many different types of waves including yaki textures and tight curls. You will find these new textures in our "Full Head Clip In Sets" categories and single wefts. (will be adding these to other categories soon).

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is carefully bundled to ensure all cuticles are facing in the same direction (like Remy hair). Virgin hair just means hair that is "unprocessed", uncolored, and left in its own natural and healthy state (unless processed with a texture as some of our virgin hair is). The textures all listed in the virgin hair are listed as naturally curly, wavy, straight, etc. Virgin textures will only come in either 2-3 natural colors (they can still be color dyed any way you want). Most of these textures can be used by any hair types. European is highly advised for finer hair types. Coarse textures for coarse types, and curly textures for curly types. Natural Straight may still have a slight wave, but more naturally straight in general.

Virgin Chinese- Available in Premium grade and VIP grade. Generally naturally straight, silky, but a tad bit coarser than Indian and European per hair strand. Only 1 natural virgin color available. Can be dyed or lightened.

Virgin Indian- Available in Premium grade and VIP grade. This texture is naturally silky and versatile. Holds a curl very well, has more bounce and natural movement. Comes in 3 natural virgin colors. Can be dyed or lightened.

Virgin Brazilian- Available in Premium grade and VIP grade. This texture is a lot like Indian Virgin except a bit more thicker and stronger per strand. Available in natural straight and curlier textures and a few lighter textures than some other hair types. Can be dyed or lightened.

Virgin Malaysian- Available in Premium grade and VIP grade. This texture is similar to Peruvian, but is a bit more thicker in diameter per strand (like Chinese). Can hold a curl, very subtle and soft to the touch naturally. Naturally silky like texture as Chinese, Brazilian, and Indian. Available in only a few natural virgin colors. Can be dyed or lightened.

Virgin Peruvian- Available in Premium & VIP . This texture is similar to Malaysian, but a tab bit less thick in diameter per strand. Can hold a curl. More lightweight in general. Has only a few natural virgin colors. Can be dyed or lightened.

Virgin European- Available in Premium  Remy & Virgin and VIP Remy & Virgin. This texture is very fine to medium density per strand. Naturally silky, can hold a curl and easy to straighten. Available in natural straight but still may have a slight wave. More lighter natural colors available than other hair types (like natural light and dark blonde-when available). Can be dyed or lightened.