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Weft Customizing

Custom made Hair Extensions
When choosing Clip Fancy, you can have your clip in sets made just the way you want!

Most companies offer only a limited amount of wefts for every set. For some people, they may feel that certain wefts are either too wide, too short, or they don't use certain wefts which results in wasted hair peices. Everyone's head is different and may require different measurements (like clothing and shoes)!

We do offer a Standard Set option that is the most popular for even application. However, not everyone may want the Standard Weft Set. Some may want only bigger peices, and no single one clipped wefts. Some may want 5 inches replaced with the 6 inches that come with the set. Some may want 3 inches instead of the 4 inch peices. And for some, they may only want a 12 inch wide weft replaced for the 8 inch weft, or a 7 inch weft and an 8 inch weft, and four 6 inch wefts. The possibilities are endless!

When filling out the menu bar, if you would like to customize your wefts, just fill out the section where it says "Customize Weft" (picture sample shown on the left).

Always remember however, that the more grams you order, and the less wefts you request, the thicker each weft will be. We can make them any way you want, but please keep in mind that we highly suggest that the thicker the grams, the more amount of wefts you should request so the wefts won't cause too much "bulkiness" resulting in more unnatural blending.

*Note- Some limitations may occur depending on the amount of grams you choose for your clip in sets.  The less grams you choose, the more limited of number of wefts, and vice versa.